Introducing the ECO-Water Bridge

Atla is now introducing the ECO-Water Bridge. We have access to “unlimited” amounts of clean drinking water, ecologically cleaned by nature itself. We offer to ship this water in fit-for-purpose tankers, to areas with non-sustainable drinking water supply.

CSR Study Completed

Atla AS engaged Agderforskning and their team of CSR and sustainability researchers to carry out a preliminary analysis of our business model. The conclusion was that our business model satisfies all criteria needed for running a sustainable business, and included several recommendations for further improvement on the subject. Atla is very pleased with the high degree of professionalism within Agderforskning, and will be looking forward to future co-operation.

Atla has access to prime water source

Atla has access to ample amounts of fresh water, from our preferred Norwegian source, located well above the tree line on the west coast of Norway.  The water source has been verified by NIVA, confirming the high quality and cleanness. The water reservoir is 100% renewable, and the natural outlet from the source provides basically unlimited capacity when it comes to export volumes.